The Legend of Rosalind - a cycle story

The Legend of Rosalind


    This is a website for my novel  The Legend of Rosalind - a cyling story.

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It is available in eBook on Kindle (Amazon) and Nook (Barnes and Noble).

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    Jason Mitchell is used to enduring pain–a job requirement for a domestique on the amateur US national cycling team. When the team is decimated by food poisoning on a trip to Europe, Jason is left to fend for himself and finds himself engulfed in the cutthroat world of professional cycling. Amid the frenzy of a weeklong race whose victor will get a chance to race in the coveted Tour de France, he is torn between his feelings for Maria, his aloof Vespa-riding Luxembourg training coach, and Natalie, the flirtatious, sexy daughter of a prominent French cycling sponsor. In a foreign land, where cycling is a revered sport, Jason exerts as much effort to understand the complexities of life as he does climbing mountain passes.


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They say write what you know. I chose bicycling, Vespa's and women. Two out of three ain't bad!

I wanted to write a book for people that don't read "cycling books" to get a taste for this fascinating sport.


"More than anything, 'The Legend of Rosalind' is a romance. It is a romance between the characters, and the romance of a nation with a bicycle and the sport of cycling. The author's description of cycling and the training required to reach a truly competitive level was as interesting as the interactions with the other characters in the book. I think that surprised me the most. I never expected to enjoy reading about cycling, but I loved reading this book." - Amazon review


"Pride and Prejudice and the Peloton." -- Amazon review

Rene Herse rear cluster from The Legend of Rosalind
my Alex Singer from The Legend of Rosalind
my Rene Herse from the back cover of The Legend of Rosalind
my wife's GS160 MKI from The Legend of Rosalind
Dolce GS - GS160 MKI - The legend of Rosalind
Vesparados GS160 MKI The Legend of Rosalind
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